среда, 15 января 2014 г.

Opinion on advertising

1. In my opinoin advetising is a part of our everyday life. We always listen to it on a radio station or watch it on TV. But I am not sure that advertising is really important, because the numbe of producers of different products which make dishonest ads is big. I don't trust any ads at all.
2. I don't think that we can avoid ads because there are around us. We can see it on websites or while we are watching film on TV. Even when I walk with my friends I can see ads on billboards!
3. I agree, that advertising affects people. For example, a well-known TV channel "TV shop"! A figure of people who buy useless things that cost a lot. It's like hypnosis.
4. It's so sad, but yes. If I were a company owner, I would spend money on advertising because it's a part of business. And maybe, I will make false advertising. :D
5. I like adverts which can make me laugh! Or interesting ones. Because there is a big number of silly, weird and dull ads.
6. When I have enough time to go shopping, I check out prices because I don't want to overpay for cheap products. (e.g. I know that in shops which are called "Pyaterochka" fruit is cheaper than in other shops!)
7. The ads I hate the most are sexist adverts! I dislike it when young woman wear bathing suit and advertise electronic goods. It's so tasteless.
8. I read products reveiws online also on electronic goods like phones, earphones. And when I find something useful but can't make choice, I start to check out advantages.
9. As for the prices, I have never checked out them because sometimes prices are different in websites and in a shop.

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