вторник, 18 февраля 2014 г.

Задание за 30/01

     1. Perfume is being advertised. Advertisers also make adverts with celebrity endorsement. It's a simple way to advance product. As for me, I prefer amusing  and humorous ads because advertisers thought how to create  their commercials. So, it is paid attention on ads. A lot of  health and beauty adrverts are sexist because women are interest in cosmetics, perfume etc. 
     3. One of the main stereotypes is family which goes shopping. It looks happy and all members have false smiles. Or adverts of milk: grandmother lives in a countryside and meets her grandson. She gives a glass of milk and grandson licks his lips. Almost all Russian adverts have celebrity endorsement. It's sad. I am bored because of  watchng TV commercial with the same celebrities. 

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